BMCC Club ride on Zwift Thursdays 19.25


Just because it is cold dark and icy doesn’t mean club rides are not on.

BMCC Club rides on Zwift
BMCC Club rides on Zwift

Assuming you have a turbo trainer then Zwift is relatively straight forward.

A “smart” turbo trainer is really what Zwift was designed for,  increasing resistance for hills and reducing the load when drafting.

Quite realistic for a virtual world, if that makes any sense.

A free 25KM trial is available

INSTRUCTIONS To Join the club ride ( Thursday 19:25 )

When all set up and on Zwift…

BMCC weekly Training ride

  1. Go to ‘events’ in the mobile app or by logging in online.
  2. Scroll down to 1925 BMCC Club ride
  3. click ‘join’
  4. it will ask if you want to set a reminder. – err yes
  5. You may want to warm up for a few minutes
  6. Then when the time comes, hop on your bike, log in and select ‘ride’ and it will pop up and ask if you want to ride the event you’ve joined.
  7. You are then placed in a holding pier with everyone else on a virtual turbo until it’s time to go.
  8. If you are late you can still join. Just make sure you are pedalling fast when it drops you into the bunch or else you will fly right out the back
  9. Enjoy it


Some tips

Essentials:  Towel,  Electric Fan, Drinks, Understanding neighbours

The associated app is quite good

For keyboard warriors:

F1 stick out elbow
F3 shout "ride on" and cringe slightly
F7 shout "I'm toast"  - clearly if you can key F7 your not
F8 bike bell (aww)
F10 Screen capture - to go on Strava probably

Number keys
3 first person shooter view 
8 Helicopter view 

Other keys
M Group message ( for messages such as "please wait for me")
SpaceBar  use the power up thingy ( to go faster)



BMCC Big Bash Urgent Update

Food Options
  1. If you’ve booked – food options need selecting today – yes today please -or I choose for you
  2. If you havn’t booked – why not – the cafe will be full to bursting with 50 revelers so a good night is on the cards – I will have to close the bookings tonight