Steady Social rides

Steady Social

When do these rides take place?

Steady Social rides take place every Sunday for members and are scheduled for non-members for the first and third Sunday of each month.

Who are these rides for?

These rides are for members who want to ride at around 14-16mph as well as non-members who want a taste of riding with Brighton Mitre before deciding whether to join (and for whom the CATI is too slow). People are normally expected to join the club after attending two rides.

 How far, How fast?

We will keep the pace between 14mph and 16mph average.  If you still want a taster ride before joining but would prefer to ride slower than this, we suggest you join the CATI ride that runs at the same time as the Steady Social.

Ride length varies between 45 and 60 miles. Expect hills as most of the good cycling routes around Brighton & Hove head across the South Downs.

I’ve never ridden in a group before, can I join this ride?

If you’ve never ridden in a group before then we’d recommend joining the Come and try it ride as your first group ride experience.

Come and try it