Hardriders TT result

The club’s first time trial of the year – the 22.23-mile hardriders event – took place on Sunday 11 March at Poynings.

Results were as follows:

  1. Joel Draper                      1:01:01
  2. Simon Dowling              1:02:21
  3. Jonathan Morcombe  1:04:45
  4. Jamie Smith                    1:07:48
  5. Kat Avramides               1:08:00 (women’s course record)
  6. Juha Aaltonen                1:09:08
  7. Tomas Navickas           1:10:46
  8. Robin Johnson               1:22:59

A fine win by Joel and his first in this trophy on a reasonable morning but very wet roads. Congratulations also to Kat for setting a new women’s course record.

2018 time trial events

Time trialling is cheap and easy.

Well, easy is perhaps not quite the right word.  It’s actually very hard. It’s not called the race of truth for nothing. It’s all about you and the clock. No excuses, no respite.

But what is easy is trying it out. Check out the newly published list of club events for 2018 and why not make this the year that you stop thinking about doing a TT and actually do one?

New group riding guidelines

We’ve put together a simple set of guidelines for those of you who are new to riding in a group – or more experienced riders who want to remind themselves of the rules of the road.

Before you join your first Mitre ride, please make sure you’ve read this first – it won’t take long and it could prevent an accident.

Download the new guidelines here: Group Riding Guidelines 15July17