New group riding guidelines

We’ve put together a simple set of guidelines for those of you who are new to riding in a group – or more experienced riders who want to remind themselves of the rules of the road.

Before you join your first Mitre ride, please make sure you’ve read this first – it won’t take long and it could prevent an accident.

Download the new guidelines here: Group Riding Guidelines 15July17

Time Trial Results

The first of the summer’s three Mitre 10-mile time trials took place on 1 August at Wineham (course G10/99).

Nine BMCC riders took part:

  1. Alex McLaren 23.29
  2. Martin O’Neill 24.29
  3. Simon Dowling 24.32
  4. James Danvers 24.37
  5. Joel Draper 25.19
  6. Jonny Coate 25.53
  7. Ed Sowden 27.59
  8. Tall Paul 28.50
  9. Robin Johnson 29.30

Overall fastest was Steve Kane, Brighton Excel with a time of 23.13.

Mitre was the second fastest team at the Sussex Cycling Association Open 30-mile time trial on Sunday 30 July, with Don Parker winning his age category.

The BMCC road bike 10 took place on 8 August and featured 11 riders, four of whom were Mitre. Overall fastest was Mike Coyle who finished in 22.30. Martin O’Neill was fourth in 25.13, Joel Draper was sixth in 25.27 and Robin Johnson was an honourable eleventh in 31.34.

The final 10 of the season will take place next Tuesday (15 August) on the Wineham course from 1845.

On 22 and 29 August, the club hill-climbs will take place at Mill Hill (course GH/94).



Hilly time trial and hill climb results

The full results for Brighton Mitre’s Easter hilly time trials and hill climbs follow. Our thanks, as ever, to Robin Johnson for organising these events – and to all the time-keepers, marshals, pushers-off and others, without whose help they would not be possible. 

10-mile Hilly Time Trial

22nd Hilly 10-mile time trial – The Alan Packett Memorial Event on course G10/44, on Easter Saturday, 15 April 2017.


  1. Pete Tadros (In-Gear Quickvit TSRT) 22:13
  2. Stuart Bettis (South Downs Bikes) 22:30
  3. Sam Christy (London Dynamo) 23:23
  4. Steve Kane (Brighton Excelsior CC) 23:31

1st woman Angela Carpenter (A3crg) 26:24

2nd woman Kat Avramides (Brighton Mitre CC) 28:16

1st Juvenile: Theo Tadros (In-Gear Quickvit TSRT) 25:42

1st Team: Brighton Mitre CC (Jack Smith, Kat Avramides, Peter Davies) 1:24:21

1st Vet (40-44): Neil Crowther (Worthing Excelsior CC) 24:45

1st Vet (45-49): Pete Tadros (In-Gear Quickvit TSRT) 22:13

1st Vet (50-54): Tim Holmes (V.T.T.A. (Sy/Sx.)) 27:17

1st Vet (55-59): David Shepherd (GS Stella) 23:48

1st Vet (60-64): Mike Boyce (A3crg) 27:59

1st Vet (65-69): Robert Gilmour (Hounslow & Dist.Whls.) 27:18

1st Vet (70-74): None

1st Vet (75-79): Alan Robinson (Central Sussex CC) 33:34

1st Road Bike: Sam Christy (London Dynamo) 23:23

2nd Road Bike: Daniel Pink (GS Avanti) 26:09


25-mile Hilly Time Trial

26th Hilly 25-mile time trial – The Bill Sladen Memorial Event on course G10/44, Easter Monday, 17 April 2017.


  1. Pete Tadros (In-Gear Quickvit TSRT) 00:59:35
  2. Stuart Bettis (South Downs Bikes) 00:59:59
  3. George Welfare (Eastbourne Rovers) 01:02:08
  4. Steven Kane (Brighton Excelsior CC) 01:02;54
  5. Stuart Hodd (PB Cycle Coaching RT) 01:03:13

1st woman Kat Avramides (Brighton Mitre CC) 01:14:57

1st Juvenile Theo Tadros (In-Gear Quickvit TSRT) 01:11:15

1st Team: Brighton Mitre CC (Jack Smith, Don Parker, Kat Avramides) 3:40:20

2nd Team: Brighton Mitre CC (Jamie Smith, Peter Davies, Robin Johnson) 4:00:48

1st Vet (40-44): Ian Newbold (Worthing Excelsior CC) 01:10:59

1st Vet (45-49): Pete Tadros (In-Gear Quickvit TSRT) 00:59:35

1st Vet (50-54): Keith Walker (Wigmore CC) 01:05:49

1st Vet (55-59): Mike Marchant (Southdown Velo) 01:15:23

1st Vet (60-64): Peter Davies (Brighton Mitre CC) 01:19:15

1st Vet (65-69): Don Parker (Brighton Mitre CC) 01:14:15

1st Road Bike: Jamie Smith (Brighton Mitre CC) 01:15:57

2nd Road Bike: Peter Davies (Brighton Mitre CC) 01:19:15

Hill Climb 25 April 2017

Course GH/94 – Mill Hill, Shoreham

  1. Mike Coyle (08:53)
  2. Adam Churchill (09:38)
  3. Giles Ruffer (09:43)
  4. John Tindell (10:35)
  5. Simon Dowling (10:45)
  6. Joel Draper (11:20)
  7. Joha Aaltonen (11:50)
  8. Robin Johnson (15:15)

Hill Climb 18 April 2017

Course GH/94 – Mill Hill, Shoreham

  1. Jed Williamson (09:12)
  2. Alex McLaren (09:25)
  3. Simon Dowling (09:36)
  4. Jack Smith (10:02)
  5. John Ferguson (10:33)
  6. Joel Draper (11:30)
  7. Robin Johnson (14:46)



BMCC Hardriders TT results

There was a low turnout for the first club time trial of the year – the 22.34-mile Hardriders (course GS/981) on 12 March. Perhaps riders were put off by the poor weather forecast. But some good times were recorded nevertheless.

Full results:

  1. Steve Kane – 58:16
  2. Jack Smith – 1:03:16
  3. Morgan Lewis – 1:03:19
  4. Juha Aaltonen – 1:08:09
  5. Jamie Smith – 1:09:38
  6. Robin Johnson – 1:14:24

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