BMCC Group Rides

We’d encourage you to read the explanation below before joining one of our rides as rides are safer and more enjoyable if all people on them are at a similar level.

Weekend Rides – Saturdays

The pace of the groups varies and depends largely on who is there on the day.  Generally speaking, we hope to have at least one of each of:

  • A fast group who will look to average 19+mph and will often add an extra loop onto the advertised route to up the distance.
  • A medium group averaging 17-18mph but who will usually stick to the advertised route.
  • A social group averaging 15-16mph who will almost always stick to the advertised route.

On any given day, we can’t guarantee that there will be groups riding at each of those paces.

It’s not uncommon in the Summer to have three or four social and medium groups along with a fast and sometimes an even faster group.  Conversely, in the depths of Winter there are those days when only half a dozen hardy souls are tempted away from the turbo trainer.

If you’re in any doubt about whether a Saturday ride is the right choice for you, then the best thing to do is to attend a few Sunday rides first so you can chat with some of the regulars who will be able to advise you.  If, for whatever reason, you are unable to make Sundays then please give us a shout so we can give you a bit more information to help you make up your mind.

Weekend Rides – Sundays

Sunday rides are open to non-members on the first and third Sundays of each month.  On other Sundays, they are for members only.  People are normally expected to join the club after attending two rides as a non-member.

The meet for Sunday rides is 9.00 at St. Ann’s Well Café ready for a 9.30 departure.

There are two different rides on a Sunday: Come and Try It (CATI) and Steady Social.

Come and Try It Rides

Steady Social



Midweek Rides 

These rides tend to be more ad hoc and arranged through the mitre members facebook group

  • Tuesday evenings – Albourne laps – predominantly racers – ask one for details
  • Summer Thursday evenings 7pm – Social pub ride  ride  –  details on calendar
  • Winter Sweatfest – group turbo sessions at Withdean Sports centre – all details on Members Facebook group