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Club jerseys, shorts and jackets

Kit order timetable

The Kalas custom order shopsOpening timeslead timesStuff we have in stock; Arms, legs and gloves, neck warmers, caps etc.
New YearNew race season, training camp and new joinersJan 20th to Feb 1st6 weeks laterMitre kit shop open all year
SpringNew season and wet weather gearMarch 1st6 weeks laterMitre kit shop open all year
SummerThe summer kit you wish you hadJune 1st6 weeks laterMitre kit shop open all year
AutumnIt’s hot now but winter is coming. Cold – warmer bibs and jerseys – cold weather gear, wet weather gearAugust 1st6 weeks laterMitre kit shop open all year
WinterThe stuff you wish you bought in AutumnOct 1st6 weeks laterMitre kit shop open all year

We regularly open the Kalas custom order shop – where you can order from the somewhat overwhelming amount of choice and sizes.

There is a six week (ish) production time before collection from chez kit monitor or delivered to your home at an extra cost.

Arm, leg and knee warmers, “buffs” and event tickets

We keep a stock of these items, occasionally they sell out and it will take a while to replenish – If you order an out of stock item it will take about six weeks (ish ) to arrive.

All items are available for collection from chez kit monitor but can be delivered en velo for a charity contribution.

Take a look in the Mitre kit shop to see what is in stock


We get our kit custom made by Kalas and there are more options than there are spokes in the Tour de France peloton. So you need to do some homework to choose kit your would like, which quality, (active, elite, pro or sonic) and then which size you are.

Just so you know, there is no mark up, the price you pay goes straight to Kalas, we dont see any of it.

What does the kit look like?

Probably just like you see on the road – the Kalas website doesnt show finished jerseys – you have to imagine it. This website is full of images of people wearing mitre kit and so is “mitremembers” on Facebook

Screen print from Kalas kit shop

What size am I ?

The size guide on the Kalas website is quite accurate. We don’t keep samples to try on for size but you can ask clubmates to try their stuff on. See the size guide here

Size guide

See the size guide here in case you missed it.

Follow the links at the bottom of this page for the two different kit shops, Club and Race Kit Shop and Hi Viz kit shop. Select your kit and press BUY and pay similar to regular on line shopping. The shops have a password and this will communicated on Mitre Members and by email when the shop is open.

How do I order?

When is the kit shop open?

See schedule above

When does it close?

About two weeks after opening

What is the difference between the jerseys? Ask your club mates ( especially the ones you dont know) its a good way of getting to know people

I ordered the wrong size / shape / colour

You can sell unwanted stuff on mitre members FB

Do you keep items in stock?

We do have knee / leg / arm warmers and some gloves, hats and alot of buffs available via the kit shop

How long does the order take?

6 weeks from order close to delivery – probably

Can anyone buy Brighton Mitre Kit?

strictly members only obvs

What about the one off, special edition, 125th anniversary white Jersey?

These were a special edition and no longer available

How do I buy?

Click on the links below and use the password shared on Mitre members click here

Click here for Hi Viz kit shop 

Note that the high viz shorts are a dark blue with high viz at end of leg ( they are in the picture below ).

Click here for Club and Race Kit Shop

BMCC Club and Race kit colours

Mitre Hi Viz kit

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