Brighton Mitre organises and participates in numerous races throughout the year. From the club’s very own Hove Park Crits series to the Surrey Cycle Racing League events or cyclo-cross and time trials, there are races to suit every inclination and level of experience.

We are also very lucky in Brighton to have access to the historic Preston Park track, the oldest track of its kind in the country.

This section tells you everything you’ll need to know to take part in these races, when and where they are held and how to enter.

Road racing

Newcomers to cycling sometimes have a misconception that road racing is beyond them. Actually, most people with a basic level of riding fitness can have a try at racing once they’ve learned a few important race-riding rules.

We are lucky in the south east to have a good range of entry level races available within an hour’s drive of Brighton. Read on to find out how to get started in road racing.

Time trial

Time trials are the simplest, cheapest and most accessible way to get started in bike racing. As the name suggests, a time trial is simply a race against the clock over a set distance. Riders are started at one minute intervals and the one with the fastest time at the finish wins! You’ll find much more information on our dedicated time trialling page.

Hill climb

Hill-climbing is simple – cycle as fast as you can up a hill!  The two main BMCC hill climbs are at Steyning Bostal and Mill Hill in Shoreham. As hill climbs are actually just uphill time trials, you’ll find more information on our time trialling page.


In the autumn and winter months, a growing number of road racers turn their attention to the muddy thrills of cyclo-cross: off-road races on tight, muddy circuits riddled with obstacles and steep hills and slippery roots. It’s a lot more fun than it sounds!


Track racing on fixed gear bikes is a great way to start out in bike racing. It’s generally much cheaper to buy the kit you’ll need. Then, once you’re on the track, it’s all about speed, stamina, technique, tactics and nerve. Find out more here.