Winter riding

Special Arrangements for Winter Riding

For the purposes of Brighton Mitre, winter officially starts when the clocks go back and daylight saving begins, and finishes when we commence BST.

In winter, it is expected that all riders will fit mudguards to their bike for the sake of both their drivetrain and the person behind. Note that at the rear, the bottom of the mudguard needs to extend at least below the level of the axle or else spray will still hit the person behind from under the bottom of the guard. 

The club has team issue mud-flaps that can be attached especially for this purpose.  If you’re in any doubt about fitting mudguards to your bike, then speak to other members who will be happy to help.

Winter tyres are highly recommended as they offer increased protection against punctures which are far more likely in the Winter. The group is likely to be sympathetic to your plight if they are forced to stand around in the cold and rain whilst you attend to a hole in your Conti 4S, less so if you’re removing debris from a paper thin summer racing tyre.

It is the club’s policy that group rides be cancelled if the weather is forecast to drop below zero overnight the night before a ride to prevent multiple pile ups on patches of ice. Even on days when this has not been the case, there are still frequently patches of ice, especially north of the downs.  Always take additional care when riding in temperatures close to zero.  Keep a look out on Facebook to check for cancellations.

Rides may also need to be cancelled if the wind is forecast to be particularly strong and gusty. Again, Facebook for info.