Brighton Mitre group ride routes

You will need to be a member and a competent group rider to take part in any of the Saturday rides. Make sure you have read the page on group ride etiquette.

Saturday club rides, routes, schedule ( Winter)

Saturday club rides, routes, schedule ( Summer)

Sunday Gravel

On the first and third Sunday of each month there are shorter non-drop led rides, where we welcome new and prospective members to ride along with current members. 

Sunday group rides ( Sunday Social and Sunday Steady )

Sunday social rides

Sunday steady rides

Saturday winter routes and schedule

Leaving St Ann’s Well Gardens cafe at 830am

DateRouteDistance (km)Climbing (m)
27th JanBMW1 – Beacon – Ardingly – Dyke841,094
4th FebBMW2 – Beacon – Handcross – Dyke79982
11th FebBMW3 – Dyke – Fletching – Beacon 81849
18th FebBMW4 – Shoreham –  West Chiltington – Dyke85710
25th FebBMW5 – Dyke – Turners Hill – Beacon81905
4th MarBMW6 – Newhaven – Eastbourne – Newhaven80919
11th MarBMW7 – Shoreham – W. Chilt. – Dyke88713
18th MarBMW8 – Dyke – Pease Pottage – Shoreham81791
25th MarBMW9 – Dyke – Fletching – Beacon81912
BMW10 – Dyke – Newhouse Farm – Shoreham89887
BMW11 – Shoreham – Mannings Heath – Beacon81786
BMW12 – Dyke Colgate – Dyke87753
Saturday winter rides

Saturday Summer ride routes and schedule

Leaving St Ann’s Well Gardens cafe at 830am

DateRouteDistance (km)Climbing (m)
14th OctBM1 – Beacon – Ardingly – Dyke801,063
BM1+ Beacon – Ashdown – Dyke1241,490
21st OctBM2 – Beacon – Hancross – Dyke79982
BM3+ Dyke – Hadlow Down – Beacon1021,268
28th OctBM3 – Dyke – Fletching – Beacon 82853
BM3+ Dyke – Hadlow Down – Beacon1121,334
BM4 – Shoreham –  West Chiltington – Dyke85682
BM4+ Shoreham – Bucks Green – Dyke1261,076
BM5 – Dyke – Kingscote – Beacon891,036
BM5+ Dyke – Cob Lane – Beacon1351,627
BM6 – Newhaven – Isfield – Beacon95742
BM6+ Seaford – Fletching – Ditchling113883
BM7 – Shoreham – West Chiltington – Dyke97822
BM7+ West Chil. – Warninglid – Beacon1201,151
BM8 – Dyke – Balcombe – Shoreham103950
BM8+ Dyke – Turners Hill – Shoreham1191,136
BM9 – Dyke – Sheff. Park – Beacon82905
BM9+ Dyke – Kidds Hill – Beacon1051,214
BM10 – Dyke – Southwater – Shoreham94703
BM10+ Southwater – Barlavington – Shoreham121922
30th SeptBM11 – Shoreham – Mannings Heath – Beacon80752
BM11+ Shoreham – Leith Hill – Beacon1251,251
7th OctBM12 – Lewes – Horam – Dyke1071,228
BM12+ Polegate – Five Ash Down – Dyke1281,365
Saturday summer group rides

Sunday group rides

On the first and third Sundays of each month there are non-drop led rides (Sunday Social and Sunday Steady). Many of our members attend these rides, and we also welcome non-members to come along and try a few of these Sunday rides before deciding whether to join the club. 

Sunday Social and Sunday Steady rides meet from 9am for coffee at St Ann’s Well Gardens café in Hove on the first and third Sundays of the month, and rides set off from the café after the briefing at 9.30am. We keep Sunday group sizes to 8 maximum for safety, so experienced members may sometimes be asked to ride in a separate self-lead group if numbers are too high. 

The Sunday Social and Sunday Steady routes are shorter than the Saturday routes, on average between 25 and 35 miles / 40 and 60km. The Sunday Social rides at 12 to 14mph / 19 to 22kph, and the Sunday Steady rides at 14 to 16mph / 22 to 25kph. The Sunday ride leaders offer guidance on group riding skills and what the club has to offer, and almost always ensure there is a coffee stop en route. 

Routes and dates:

Sunday Steady – 14 to 16mph / 22 to 25kph

DateLink to RouteDistance
1st OctSS4 Blackstone Bostal Coombes55801
15th OctSS1 Dyke Partridge Green Dyke58593
5th NovSS2 Lewes-North Chailey-Beacon55624
19th NovSS3 Dyke Bob lane Ditchling53638
3rd DecSS4 Blackstone Bostal Coombes55801
17th DecSS1 Dyke Partridge Green Dyke58593
Sunday steady rides

Sunday Social – 12 to 14mph / 19 to 22kph

DateLink to RouteDistance
1st OctCATI 4 Dyke-Bramber47554
15th OctCATI 1 Dyke-Woodmancote40553
5th NovCATI 2 Lewes-Hurstpierpoint51658
19th NovCATI 3 Dyke-Hickstead51520
3rd DecCATI 4 Dyke-Bramber47554
17th DecCATI 1 Dyke-Woodmancote40553
Sunday social rides

Gravel rides leave from Hill Top cafe at 9am 2nd and 4th Sundays

DateLink to RouteDistance
TbaLauf of the rings48616
Go East Rodmell Lewes55755
Go North Ditchling Wineham62462
Bramber Henfield Edburton47544
Gravel routes

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