Committee and club admin


We are always on the lookout for new committee members. If you are interested in helping out please get in touch with one of the existing committee members – the best way to do this is via our Facebook page.

or email

Committee members are appointed at the AGM 

The current Mitre committee members are:

  • Andrew Bernard – Chair
  • Elaine Burroughs – Secretary
  • Neil Morris – Treasurer
  • Andrew Springham  – Membership Secretary
  • Suzanne Romney – Club Welfare and D&I Officer
  • Clare Johnson and Nathan Cozens  – CycloCross Development Officer
  • Mark Day – Road Race Officer
  • Belinda Gibson and Phil Tarry – Social Events and Media Secretary
  • Jack Smith – Track Officer
  • Jake Lambourn – Webmaster
  • Phil Waldman – TT Officer
  • Tony Milsom – Kit Officer
  • Alwyn Frank – Road Captain
  • Max Mendes-Para – E-Sports DS
  • Alison Lewis – Club President

Just so you know…

all committee members, ride leaders, marshals and club officials are unpaid and simply volunteer their time to make it all happen.

Committee Roles & Responsibilities


  • To provide direction and leadership to the club, its members and committee. 
  • To lead the committee, general, annual and extraordinary meetings of the club and to agree the agendas for such meetings with the club secretary. 
  • To be the lead spokesperson of the club, maintaining and demonstrating its core values and code of conduct. 
  • To be point of contact between the committee and the membership and to oversee any mediation should a dispute or complaint occur.
  • Represent the club at  local, regional and national levels and respond to media requests.

Estimated time commitment: 2-3 hours every month to prepare and attend committee meetings. 5-6 hours prior to AGM and around an hour a week for general duties. Hove Park Crits, varying 2-3 hours a week managing race enquiries and entries and 3-4 hours at each race.


  • To convene committee, annual and extraordinary meetings of the club in line with the constitution. Including sending out notices, recording minutes and actions and publishing as required. 
  • To support the chair in the management and response to general enquiries, media requests and complaints.
  • To act as external point of contact with other clubs, teams and governing bodies such as British Cycling.
  • To ensure club affiliations are paid in a timely manner and forward all remittance requests or invoices to the Treasurer. 
  • To be a financial signatory on the club bank account.
  • To support any grant or funding applications on behalf of the club.

Estimated time commitment: 2-3 hours every month to record minute and actions of the committee meetings. 5-6 hours prior to AGM and around a 2 hours a month for general duties.  


  • To submit financial reports to the committee on a monthly/quarterly basis in accordance with the committee meeting schedule and to raise any concern or flag any financial risks for consideration by the committee. 
  • To maintain the financial records for the club and annual financial forecasts & cash flow.
  • To be a financial signatory on the bank account.
  • To process payments or credits on behalf of the club. This will involve assisting other committee members with any financial matters pertaining to their roles and responsibilities (e.g. prize money, deposits for training camp, refunds for races, kit payments etc, etc).
  • To prepare the annual accounts and coordinate any independent audit as required by law (not the case at present) or when requested by the committee.
  • Collate ‘club standards’ achievements for annual awards.

Estimated time commitment: varies, but now that we use Xero, and bank accounts are linked to it, maintaining accounting records is very straightforward – can normally reconcile bank and prepare income statement and balance sheet in less than an hour.  Biggest time commitments are preparing prize money for races (still given in cash) and assisting in maintenance of records/reconciliations for events such as the training camp etc. +3 hours every 4-6 weeks to attend committee meeting and present report.

Club Welfare Officer

  • To play a key role in maintaining Brighton Mitre’s high standards in relation to vulnerable groups participating in cycling, allowing peace of mind for participants, their families and cycling clubs by ensuring that everyone has an enjoyable and safe experience.
  • To promote safeguarding within the club, working with others to ensure that a safe and inclusive environment is achieved.
  • To promote awareness of the Codes of Conduct for volunteers, coaches, members (juniors and adults), parents and carers.
  • To be the first point of contact for club volunteers, members, young people and their families for any issues concerning child welfare / adults at risk, poor practice and potential or alleged abuse.
  • To work with others in the club to ensure safeguarding information, including policies, reporting procedures and details of the Club Welfare Officer are visible and available.
  • To have primary responsibility for managing and reporting concerns about children or adults at risk and for putting into place safeguarding procedures. It is important to highlight however that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and everyone at the club should do their bit.

Estimated time commitment: Approx. 1 hour a week, with additional time at events.

Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Diversity and Inclusivity at BMCC:

  • To have oversight of equality, fairness, and respect for all members in our club and the wider cycling community.
  • To ensure neither the club nor any of its members unlawfully discriminate, respecting the Equality Act 2010 protected characteristics of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race (including colour, nationality, and ethnic or national origin), religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.
  • To encourage equality, diversity and inclusion in the club, thus promoting good practice and fairness.
  • To create an environment free of bullying, harassment, victimisation and unlawful discrimination, promoting dignity and respect for all, and where individual differences and the contributions of all are recognised and valued.

Women members at BMCC:

  • To be a point of contact for all women members and to be their representative voice on the committee. 
  • To send out welcome emails to each new female member signposting them to all supporting club resources such as the secure women’s Facebook group, relevant WhatsApp groups and Strava, and make sure they have a supportive and welcoming experience. 
  • To help dismantle barriers, real or perceived, for women to participate without judgement in all cycling and club-related activities. 
  • To coordinate social activities and encourage & support female members of the club to host and/or organise rides and events themselves.
  • To liaise with the club members who are Breeze ride leaders to develop pathways into the club from other sources and encourage new riders to try the Sunday Social rides. 
  • To keep female members informed about club activities via email and social media channels.

Estimated time commitment: Approx. 1 hour a week

CycloCross Development Officer

  • To promote cyclocross to the members, including but not limited to, skills coaching, club races, sharing of regional and national competitive opportunities and media/news relating to CX. 
  • To coordinate with local CX leagues and where required as part of our affiliation, organise and promote a club CX event. 

 Estimated time commitment; Depending on if the club are promoting an event anything from 20+ hours a year to 1-2 a month. +3 hours every 4-6 weeks to attend committee meeting and present report.

Road Race Officer

  • To promote road racing and support members who wish to race in the development of skills, fitness and opportunities to compete.
  • Act as the club central information point for all road races in the local, regional and national calendar
  • Liaise with members to schedule marshals and race directors for club races and races the club is committed to as part of any of its affiliations. 
  • Ensure that members are aware of the race calendar and upcoming event details through liaison with the media & comms officer and ensuring social media channels carry correct and up to date race information.
  • Post race results to club website and share race write ups that mention club members. race publicity officer on the race sub‐committee  
  • Report on incidents and risks at races and ensure that accurate race records,  including incident report forms, commissaire report forms and results are correctly submitted to the British Cycling Regional Events Coordinator. 
  • The Road Race Officer is responsible for making the final call regarding club race rescheduling and/or cancellation  
  • Have a copy of and be familiar with BC competition rules. 

Estimated time commitment; Depending on whether the club is promoting a race anything from 4-6 hours per month during the road race season to just the 3 hours every 4-6 weeks to attend committee meeting and present report.

Membership Secretary

  • To maintain membership records in an electronic format on Love Admin ensuring records are safe and GDPR compliant. 
  • To act as technical expert on the use of Love Admin and liaise between the club and provider in escalating system issues or tickets. 
  • To liaise with Women’s Development Officer regarding new female member applications and statistics.
  • To process new member applications and annual membership subscription payments, including bulk renewal process at year end – cancel any non-renewing members/associated automatic payments, cull members from Facebook and Strava Groups.
  • To monitor payment reports, chase up members with outstanding or failed payment transactions.
  • To provide a report at committee meetings on membership numbers, trends or concerns.
  • To advise on any membership related queries from prospective members, current members, or the committee, directly or via the ‘membership@’ mailbox.

Estimated time commitment: 1 hour per week.  Peak period: November to January, preparing bulk renewal process – will involve significantly more time per week. +3 hours every 4-6 weeks to attend committee meeting and present report.

Social Events and Media Secretary

  • To coordinate and organise riding and non riding social events throughout the year. Which have previously included events such as:
    • End of season awards dinner
    • Social after anniversary ride
    • Trips to watch races in UK and abroad
    • IOW & Dieppe Randonnées 
  • To solicit inputs from members as to what type of events they would like to contribute to, participate in and attend. 
  • Encourage members to help with coordination and organisation of social events and to empower all members to generate creative event ideas and bring them to fruition (Social Sec is not expected to personally organise all events themselves but to act as central coordination point for member led activities)
  • Publicise events via email and social media
  • Post regular updates on club social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook

Estimated time commitment: As much or as little as you feel creatively able to, ideally coordinating with other members to volunteer in organising and supporting the development of club social activities….+3 hours every 4-6 weeks to attend committee meeting and present report.

Track Officer

  • To promote track and circuit racing to the members via social media channels and newsletters.
  • To encourage more members to achieve track accreditation in order to enable them to race and actively encourage greater local race representation as a club.
  • To act as the central point of contact between the club, its committee and members and local track and circuit race leagues and organisers. 
  • To record and post track and track circuit race results to BC and on the club results page on the website. 

Estimated time commitment: During track season managing social media to promote events 1-2 hours per week +3 hours every 4-6 weeks to attend committee meeting and present report.


  • Be responsible for the club website, content and presentation.
  • Liaise with the Media & Comms Officer for any events that need to be published or
  • Monitor website statistics to utilise current SEO and report to committee.
  • Provide ideas as to how the website and other platforms could be used for the benefit of the members.
  • Ensure that domain name registration and web hosting is current and renewed promptly.
  • Provide technical knowledge and troubleshoot and issues regarding use of the website.

Estimated time commitment: Approx 1-2 hour a week

TT & Hill Climb Officer

  • To promote Time Trial racing to all club members, including but not limited to sharing of race calendars via social media channels, publication of race results and club records.
  • Act as the club central information point for all TT races in the local, regional and national calendar and liaise between the club, its committee and members and CTT and any other local event and TT associations. 
  • To organise and promote club TT events and affiliated commitments. 
  • To organise and be responsible for the day to day running of the club’s time trial series.  Responsibilities will include, planning of the year’s calendar, advising the relevant authorities and Police Forces and providing any documentation that may be required by them.  
  • To comply with the CTT risk assessment of each course that ensures the course is safe to use, and that any required signage is in position to support rider safety. All marshals are briefed and in position and all relevant race officials – timekeepers, ‘pushers‐off’ etc. are aware of their roles and responsibilities during the event. 
  • Post event the Time Trial Officer will remove and store signage, and provide results to the media and comms officer.  

Estimated time commitment: club events: 1 hour each week, more during the season; open events 15 hours per event.

Kit Officer

  • To maintain supplier relationship with providers of Club kit (Kalas) and facilitate the opening and closing of the club shop in response to user request and supplier order requirements. (Usually 2 to 3 times per year) 
  • To support members in understanding the process for ordering Club kit, finding out about sizing, fit, and notifying members of any kit available from club stores such as arm & leg warmers etc. 
  • To coordinate open orders and member queries with the kit supplier and monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of the order/supply chain process and recommend improvements.
  • At such a point that the committee agree to review providers or design of club kit the kit officer will collect requirements, assess potential suppliers and advise the committee on recommendations for change. 

Estimated time commitment: 8 hours a month, 1-2 hours a week when kit shop is open in answering member queries.  

E-Sports DS

  • To promote E-Sports participation within the club and help those new to E-sports develop skills and technical knowledge to make the sport fully accessible for all.
  • To manage the club E-Sports teams, schedule club and league races. 
  • Keep up to date with the development in the E-Sports market place from software providers, equipment, league and race series and advise the committee of developing trends or opportunities for the club and its members. 
  • To survey members and monitor needs during seasonal or global restrictions. E.G.. creating a social ride calendar during lock-down or increasing the number of social rides during bad weather. 
  • Manage the club RGT subscription and monitor other platform opportunities such as Zwift, TrainerRoad, FulGaz etc. 

Estimated time commitment: 1 hour a week (average) during winter. 

Saturday Road Captain

  • Overall objective of job is to encourage maximum member participation in Saturday club group rides.
  • This is to be achieved by creating an interesting roster of routes suitable for most club members.  The distance and direction of the routes is at the discretion of the Road Captain.
  • Promote the weekly rides through the use of social media or whatever means deemed necessary.
  • Ensure members are familiar with and adhere to the club guidelines for riding safely.
  • Cancel Saturday group rides if weather conditions, or other factors, mean it is no longer safe to continue.
  • Ensure risk assessment of group rides is up to date and is understood by club members.

Estimated time commitment: Approx 1 hour a week

How BMCC supports diversity & inclusion by removing barriers to joining a ride and creating a welcoming, safe space:

  • New riders are welcome at our twice-monthly Sunday social and steady-paced shorter rides, with experienced club members/ride leaders always available.
  • Social rides are free and open to all with basic cycling and road awareness skills.
  • We communicate via our website and social media pages, outlining how to join a ride and what to expect. We include a checklist which aims to provide all the information new riders need, so they know what to expect and feel prepared.
  • New riders are encouraged to get in touch via email/Instagram/Facebook, so they can have conversations with club leaders before their first ride to support them and provide any advice to make sure they feel comfortable and ready to join a ride. 
  • We also ensure we engage in the conversation, reflect on our practice and how we can improve and keep D&I as a central focus.
  • We engage with British Cycling to support and encourage their D&I work and to find allies to support our work. Further information here:
  • We are vocal on D&I matters to ensure our members feel safe and included and to raise visibility and awareness.

Annual General Meetings

Minutes of Annual General Meetings




The rules and guidelines the club and its elected officials and members adhere to.

A copy of the current constitution can be found here