Time to Time Trial (by Ben Cumpstone)

Last Sunday was the Brighton Excelsiors 25 mile Open Time Trial on our local G25/93 course in Steyning.

Three Mitres turned up with Cris Coxen coming 2nd over all , Jack Smith coming 7th and myself…I can’t remember but I got a reasonable time of just over the hour. With our combined times, we clinched the Team Prize.

After Bob had handed out the prizes he asked us all to encourage others to try TT’s as both the Open (weekend) and the more informall evening TT’s are well down in numbers comared to 2019. The turn out this Sunday was very low with only one female rider who obviously took first place with no one to compete against.

The photo below shows the Mitre turnout one Tuesday a few years ago, It can be a great evening out as you can ride out together, race then ride home together and possibly even sneak into the pub for a swift recovery drink.

Time trialling will massively benifit your over all riding. Please don’t think its elitist, you don’t need a TT bike, you are released 1 minuite apart, and the only time you need to beat is your own PB. (Very safe too isn’t it? Ed.)

To enter open TT’s you need to register : https://cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/

The evening TT’s are on Tuesdays and Thursdays and do not require pre-entry with Tuesday probably the more friendly roads.


I have been asked by ESCA to draw members’ attention to their upcoming programme of TTs; they are seeking both competitors and marshals for these events:

Sunday 7 August 100 m G100/861

Saturday 10 September 10 m G10/87

Sunday 11 September 25 m G25/89

Saturday 15 October 1433 yard GH/84 Hill Climb

All ESCA events are Open TTs for members of CTT affiliated clubs and are entered online via the CTT website:


All ESCA events are included in the individual, ladies and club points competition.

Hove Park Crit Results

Results are in from Hove Park Crits 2022 and it has been one of the most successful years in recent memory for BMCC. The first men’s 3/4 race was won by Marek Shafer and the second by Jack Smith making it a Mitre double in this event. Jon Mitchell made it a Mitre 1-2 in the second race and top ten performances were also achieved by Nathan Cozens, Rich Moult, John Tindell (both weeks) and Francis Schofield with notable performances also logged by Daniel Magrizos and Alwyn Frank. Alison Lewis and Isobel Beattie finished in the top ten both weeks in the women’s event and were joined by Katie Ambrosini in the second week. Great work all round folks!

Full results via links below:



2022 Time Trial results

Over Easter, Cris Coxon was second (out of a field of 57) in Good Friday’s (15th April) Crawley Wheelers 41.59 miles time trial . Race report is here: https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-details/23901

Cris Coxon and Tracey Williams were fastest man and fastest woman respectively on time trial bikes in the Central Sussex CC’s hilly “10” on 16th April. Race report here: https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-report/23903

Tracey was also and also first woman at the Mitre Easter Hilly “25” (GS/999) at Devil’s Dyke on Easter Monday 18th April.    

Results from the 1st Mitre evening hill climb series, 19th April at Mill Hill Shoreham:

1st       Jack Smith                9-12

2nd      John Ferguson       10-43

3rd      Philip Waldman    10-49

4th      Tracey Williams    11-58

5th      Robin Johnson      14-42

Hill-climb, 26 April:

1         Jack Smith                         8         39

2         Robb Cunningham          8         52

3         Rory Knapp                       9         11

4         Jim Whitelegg                   9         39

5         Philip Waldman               10      01

6         John Ferguson                  10      06

7         Neil Morris                        10      25

8         Tristan Court                    10      41