Double success at club’s open hill-climbs

COSMO DERANGI won the morning’s climb in 3mins. 57.9 secs. in the 4th best time ever recorded on this hill from a field of 42 riders with Matthew Ferguson, Redhill CC, 3.2 secs. behind after he had won the previous Saturday’s Sussex C.A. hill-climb.  Cosmo will be presented with the club’s hill-climb trophy for 12 months at the winter dinner.

FRANCIS SCHOFIELD, produced an exceptional performance to win the afternoon hill-climb in a record time of 8:34.0, 6.1 secs. ahead of last year’s winner, Olly Thomas.  Francis has been racing for the Mitre for 6 years and this is his first win.


Both “25” records set this month on local courses with Cris winning the first event held by Southern Counties C.U. near Dorking and being second in the V.T.T.A. (Surrey/Sussex) event near Uckfield held on 17 September, despite still recovering from suffering a collision with a car resulting in a poisoned arm and many cuts.