Club Records

10 MilesCris Coxon19.052023P881/10
15 MilesCris Coxon31.172022G15/92
25 MilesCris Coxon50:592023G25/89
25 Miles (72” gear)R Johnson1:03:401981G938
30 MilesCris Coxon1:04:282021G30/91
50 MilesCris Coxon1:47:062023G50/10
100 MilesT Court4:03:552003P885/100
12 HoursR Smith248.18 Miles1976E8
24 HoursH Breden427.621 Miles1954G24
10 MilesL Brama22:432013G10/98
15 MilesK Avramides39:192016G15/93
25 MilesL Brama59:422013H25/8
30 MilesL Brama1:16:092013G30/88
50 MilesL Brama2:03:152013P885/50
100 MilesA Greenaway4:39:242021G100/61
12 HoursM Beeston213.66 Miles1963G56
10 MilesS Collins22:051987G914
15 MilesA Green34:581981G938
25 MilesD Paine58:081998G25/18
10 MilesR Smith23:501974G914
15 MilesA Green34:581981G938
25 MilesA Green1:01:351981G938
Seniors Place to Place
Brighton toHolderTimeYear 
Arundel and backR Johnson1:46:201971 
Chichester and backR Johnson2:43:531969 
Crawley and backA Corbett1:55:511954 
Haywards Heath and backR Johnson1:19:471967 
Worthing and backR Johnson53:381967 
Horsham and backR Johnson2:02:301967 
Juniors Place to Place
Brighton toHolderTimeYear 
Shoreham and backD Paine30:241998 
Steyning and backJ Yardley1:03:021970 
Worthing and backJ Yardley55:241970 
Seniors Track Metric
500 m Standing StartS Harkness00:00:40.01977PP
1 km Standing StartR C King00:01:17.41952PP
1 Hour Standing StartC Oxborrow40 km 736m1977PP
Juniors Track Metric
500 m Standing StartS Harkness00:00:40.01977PP
500 m Flying StartS Harkness00:00:36.41977PP
1 km Standing StartS Harkness00:01:20.01977PP
10 km Standing StartS Harkness00:14:58.51977PP
Seniors Track Other
1/4 Mile Flying StartJ A Knight00:00:27.61938PP
1 Lap Flying StartJ A Knight00:00:41.61939PP
1 Lap Standing StartJ A Knight00:00:45.61938PP
1/2 Mile Flying StartR C King00:00:56.21952PP
1/2 Mile Standing StartR C King00:00:59.41952PP
1 Mile Flying StartJ A Knight00:02:09.21936PP
1 Mile Standing StartJ A Knight00:02:14.81935PP
5 Miles Flying StartJ W Rassell00:11:53.41935PP
10 Miles Standing StartJ W Rassell00:24:04.21935PP
15 Miles Standing StartJ W Rassell00:36:15.41935PP
20 Miles Standing StartJ W Rassell00:48:43.81935PP
25 Miles Standing StartA D Corbett01:00:59.01935PP
Seniors Track Tandem
1/4 Mile Flying StartE Harbard & A G Hill00:00:28.61936PP
1/2 Mile Flying StartE Harbard & A G Hill00:00:56.21936PP
1 Mile Standing StartE Harbard & A G Hill00:02:14.81936PP
1 Mile Flying StartE Harbard & A G Hill00:01:55.81977PP