Come and Try It (CATI) introductory group rides

 Come and Try It Rides

 When do these rides take place?

CATI rides are scheduled for the first and third Sunday of each month.

Who are these rides for?

These rides are for non-members who want a taste of riding with Brighton Mitre before deciding whether to join or not. They are also for members who want to ride at this pace.

How far, how fast?

We will keep the pace between 12mph and 14mph. If you still want a taster ride before joining but would prefer to ride faster than this, we suggest you join the Steady Social ride that runs at the same time as the Come and Try It.

We will aim to ride between 20 and 30 miles. This will vary according to route as well as weather. Expect hills as most of the good cycling routes around Brighton & Hove head across the South Downs.

What happens if I can’t keep up?

These rides are supported (see above) and usually have two ride leaders so that one can be at the back ensuring no one gets left behind. We will wait for you at junctions. If the weather means that the rest of the group are getting chilled while waiting for you and we have two ride leaders, we may split the group to cater for different abilities and speeds.

I’ve never ridden in a group before, can I join this ride?

Absolutely! That’s the idea of these rides. You’ll pick up some tips on group riding and experience the benefit from both the efficiency and social aspects of group riding.

How to ride in a group

A pdf guide with top tips how to ride in a group

Group Riding Guidelines 15July17

What will I need to wear?

  • You will need to be wearing appropriate clothing for the conditions – multiple layers and overshoes in winter, waterproof jacket if rain is forecast, sunscreen in summer.
  • You don’t need to wear full Lycra, though you’ll find that current Mitre members will as it’s more comfortable when cycling. On the faster rides you’ll notice that everyone will be thus attired.
  • Members are encouraged to wear club kit – especially ride leaders.
  • You don’t need clipless pedals with clipped in cleats, though again you’ll find the current members tend to use these for efficiency when pedalling. Old fashioned toe clips are OK if you want the full L’Eroica experience.
  • And finally, helmets are not compulsory but there is no earthly reason for not wearing one, and if you don’t wear one then you will be in a minority of one.

 What will I need to bring?

  • You will need to bring sufficient food and water for your chosen ride – a couple of energy bars or gels and two water bottles especially if it is hot.
  • Spare tubes – much easier than patching up a hole roadside.
  • Tyre levers.
  • A small pump.
  • A puncture repair kit in case of multiple punctures.
  • Emergency money…or more importantly cake money for the café at the start, end, middle of the ride
  • Emergency contact details and relevant health information should always be carried – this is essential

If you’re new to riding, then you’ll soon discover that you’re better off putting your things in the pockets of a cycling jersey or a saddle bag rather than a backpack.

Have I got the right bike?

  • We strongly recommend road bikes (dropped handlebars) as you might struggle to keep up on a hybrid or mountain bike. Although if you can maintain the pace on a bike with flat handlebars, you’re more than welcome.  On the faster paced rides, all riders will be on dedicated road bikes.
  • Whatever kind of bike you ride, you will need to make sure that your bike is in good working order – tyres fully inflated, both brakes working, drive-train functioning correctly and chain appropriately lubed.

Please note: If you’re deemed ill-equipped or unprepared you may be asked to leave the ride by the ride leader.