Group Ride Schedule

Saturday Group Ride schedule 2019

The routes follow a 12 week rotation – imaginatively called BM1, BM2…BM12 – and are generally between 80-100 kilometres in length.  During the Summer, every fourth week (BM4, BM8, BM12), there is a longer ride of about 120 kilometres for those who have the time, the fitness and an understanding family.   You will need to be a competent group rider to take part in any of the Saturday rides.

All Saturday rides are for members only.

GPS files are all available via the links below so please download them beforehand so that you are in a position to ride at the front of the group and provide navigation if need be.

Saturday Schedule – scroll down for June and early July rides.

Ride date Route Link to route Distance Climbing
27th July 2019 BM4 BM4 – Shoreham – Bucks Green – Dyke

BM4(-) – Shoreham –  West Chiltington – Dyke





3rd August 2019 BM5 BM5 – Dyke – Kingscote – Beacon 89km 1,036m
10th August 2019 BM6 BM6 – Newhaven – Isfield – Beacon 95km 742m
17th August   2019 BM7 BM7 – Shoreham – West Chiltington – Dyke 97km 822m
24th August 2019 BM8 BM8 – Dyke – Turners Hill – Shoreham

BM8(-) – Dyke – Balcombe – Shoreham





31st August 2019 BM9 BM9 – Dyke – Kidds Hill – Beacon 103km 1,261m
7th Sept. 2019 BM10 BM10 – Dyke – Southwater – Shoreham
94km 703m
14th Sept. 2019 BM11 BM11 – Shoreham – Mannings Heath – Beacon  80km 752m
21st Sept. 2019 BM12 BM12 – Polegate – Five Ash Down – Dyke 128km 1,365m
22nd June 2019 New BM11 BM11 – Shoreham – Mannings Heath – Beacon 80km 752m
29th June 2019 New BM12 BM12 – Polegate – Five Ash Down – Dyke 128km 1,365m
6th July 2019 New BM1 BM1 – Dyke – Barns Green – Dyke 86km  748m
13th July 2019 New BM2 BM2 – Beacon – Hancross – Dyke 79km 982m
 20th July New BM3 BM3 – Dyke – Fletching – Beacon  82km 853m


All Brighton Mitre social rides leave from The Garden Café at St Ann’s Well Gardens in Hove . Meet at 8am for 8.30 departure

Saturday rides are always for members only.