Group Ride Schedule

Saturday Group Ride schedule

COVID-19 Update.

Unfortunately, the restrictions imposed under the terms of the latest government lockdown limit outdoor sporting activities to no more than two people not from the same household.  Clearly this means that we can’t continue with the current groups of six or fewer that we’ve managed to reintroduce over the last few weeks.  But we can keep riding in pairs and we plan to use the Love Admin system to facilitate this process.

This is how it will (hopefully) work…

I have created new ride groups at 22kmh, 24kmh, 27kmh and 30kmh on both Saturday and Sunday.  If you would like to ride at this pace, but haven’t found a ride partner, then sign up to the group at the pace at which you would like to ride on the day that you would like to ride.  If you want to ride both days then sign up for the ride groups on both days.  I will close the rides on Friday lunchtime and allocate everyone a partner to ride with at the same pace as them.  Clearly if there is an odd number of riders then it will be first come first served so I can’t guarantee to be able to match everyone up.  I will email out a list of partners on Friday afternoon and it will then be up to you to get in touch with each other and arrange your starting point and your route – the ride schedule is still on the website so you could use those routes.  The groups are all listed with a nominal start time of 8.30 but when you actually start is entirely up to you – ideally pick a time and place that you don’t think other pairs will pick.  If you don’t like the partner you’re allocated then you will need to get in touch with them to tell them that you are swiping left.  Similarly if you need to cancel for any other reason.  As this system relies upon me sharing your contact details with other riders, you will need to have approved this in your personal settings.

It’s not ideal but it’s the best we can do under the current circumstances.

I hope everyone is bearing up OK, not where any of us would have chosen to be right now.

Saturday rides are currently operating a pre-book system, for a maximum of six riders per ride, via Love Admin.  There are a variety of rides with varying start times and paces.  The easiest way to book is via the smartphone app:

From the home screen, select ‘Classes’ and then pick the ride you wish to join.  Scroll to the bottom, click ‘Next’ and then ‘Save’.

Please don’t book ‘on the off chance’ that you might ride as that could prevent someone else from having the opportunity if you bail at the last minute.  Also, please try to avoid booking more than one ride on the same day no matter how enthusiastic you are for the return of Saturday riding.  Both of these create a pain in the arse for the ride organisers!

The routes follow a 12 week rotation – imaginatively called BM1, BM2…BM12 – and are generally between 80-100 kilometres in length.  Every fourth week (BM4, BM8, BM12), there is a longer ride of about 120 kilometres for those who have the time, the fitness and an understanding family.   You will need to be a competent group rider to take part in any of the Saturday rides.

All Saturday rides are for members only.

GPS files are all available via the links below so please download them beforehand so that you are in a position to ride at the front of the group and provide navigation if need be.

Date Route Link to Route Distance (km) Climbing (m)
10-Oct BM1 BM1 – Dyke – Barns Green – Dyke 86 748
17-Oct BM2 BM2 – Beacon – Hancross – Dyke 79 982
24-Oct BM3 BM3 – Dyke – Fletching – Beacon  82 853
31-Oct BM4 BM4 – Shoreham – Bucks Green – Dyke 126 1,076
BM4(-) – Shoreham –  West Chiltington – Dyke 85 682
07-Nov BM5 BM5 – Dyke – Kingscote – Beacon 89 1,036
14-Nov BM6 BM6 – Newhaven – Isfield – Beacon 95 742
21-Nov BM7 BM7 – Shoreham – West Chiltington – Dyke 97 822
28-Nov BM8 BM8 – Dyke – Turners Hill – Shoreham 119 1,136
BM8(-) – Dyke – Balcombe – Shoreham 103 950
05-Dec BM9 BM9 – Dyke – Kidds Hill – Beacon 105 1,214
12-Dec BM10 BM10 – Dyke – Southwater – Shoreham 94 703
19-Dec BM11 BM11 – Shoreham – Mannings Heath – Beacon 80 752
26-Dec BM12 BM12 – Polegate – Five Ash Down – Dyke 128 1,365

All Brighton Mitre social rides leave from The Garden Café at St Ann’s Well Gardens in Hove . Meet from 8am for 8.30 departure.