Paul’s Funeral

Paul Hulse’s funeral is taking place in Manchester on Saturday and his lads have shared a few details that will be relevant to those unable to attend in person but who still wish to pay their respects.

There is a JustGiving page on which you can make a donation to SelfHelp, a small mental health charity based in the NW of England:…

Secondly, a website has been established on which you can share photos of Paul:

Lastly, there will be a live webcast of the funeral service, which starts at 10am, accessible via this link:

Login Pin: 168-1552


is Monday 27th February 7.30 pm at the Grand Central pub in Brighton. Upstairs in the Nightingale Room.

All committee positions are up for election, find out who they are, what they look like, what they do and what they drink.

A quick presentation by com members on highlights of the year and a they can be voted on or off šŸ˜‰

Join in it will be fun.