BMCC Big Bash and Awards 2021 Very draft arrangements


Friday 26th November 2021 @7pm

( where I dont know because we havn’t booked anywhere yet-  if you have an idea for a venue for about 50 ish people with affordable decent beers/ wine and opportunity for food served or brought in, and space for some presentations and a screen – let me know  btw it has to be available on the 26th obvs )


That’s all members new and old and yes you.

What is that exactly?

It’s the chance to share dinner and few drinks with your mates old and new from the Mitre.

Who is invited?

YOU yes you !  All Mitre members, especially the new ones and the old ones.

Whats involved? Something like this

  • Try and recognise people without helmets, sunglasses, bike , lycra
  • Get a drink
  • Some fun and games
  • Get a drink
  • Battle for podium places and prizes
  • Two course dinner ( and drinks)
  • Awards
    • Our leader Elaine will not be wearing the Mitre epaulettes of power but I like the picture
    • some serious worthy awards for amazing athletic acheivement
    • some for accidental achievement and lots of other awards
  • Podiums and play offs
  • Finish the Beer

Tony Milsom who could do with some help on this

Above last person to be seen with Mitre Epaulettes