COVID19 Update

We have just received updated guidance from British Cycling regarding the developing situation around COVID19 and organised cycling activities.

British Cycling themselves are suspended all of its sanctioned, cycling activities, initially until April 30. * Update, now 30th June.

Including but not limited to;

• Competitive events at all levels

• Non-competitive, registered events (eg sportives, reliability trials)

• Recreational rides (including HSBC UK Breeze, HSBC UK Guided Rides, HSBC UK Ride Social, Let’s Ride Pop-up)

• All educational courses or activities (eg coaching courses, Ride Leader courses, commissaire courses)

Based on the combination of British Cycling and Government advice the committee has decided to suspend ALL organised club rides and events until further notice.

We will keep you all updated about events due to take place after 30th April and if there are any changes to British Cycling advice.

It is an individual choice if you wish to continue riding solo or in small groups but we please ask that you refrain from wearing club kit as opinion will be divided as to whether we should still be riding and hostility on the road may well increase in the coming weeks.

The full British Cycling update can be found here;…/20200317-about-bc-news-…

Government Advice can be found here;…/coronavirus-covid-19-uk-government-res…—

feeling disappointed.

The Monument Series

A bit more info about our monument series of rides taking place over the next few weeks.

Sadly, proper racing in Italy is not taking place at the moment which has led to the cancellation of Milan-San Remo, but that doesn’t need to stop us riding our own tribute to La Classicissima around the weekend of 20th and 21st March.

The route (link below) we’ve chosen is generally pretty flat (like the real thing) but does have a longish climb mid ride up the Passo del Bury Hill Turchino and finishes with a sting in its tail on the short, sharp ascent of the Bear Poggio.  There is then the technical(ish) descent of Wilson Avenue before the final dash to the sea front and the traditional sprint along Via Madeiroma to the finish at the pier.  At 149km long, it is exactly half the distance of the Italian Milan San Remo.

For the monument series as a whole, there will be a presentation on awards night for anyone who completes the full set of rides so get this one in early to keep yourself in the game.  I won’t be checking Strava feeds to check everyone’s claims (life really is too short) so it’s just down to your honesty to claim your prize.  However, what I do want to see is lots of photos on the Mitre Facebook page.  To recreate something of the feel of the Spring Classics, we need to see some muddy legs so full length tights are forbidden for these rides and there will be a bonus prize for the best photo of razor sharp post ride mud lines (Rule 7.1).

On monument weekends, there will still be the usual club ride leaving from the café at 8.30 on Saturday but, to allow as much flexibility as possible, you can ride the monument anytime in the week before or after.  Choose to ride it on your own or in a group with your friends, and either take it easy or smash it up; the choice is yours.  The only thing we would advocate is to keep group sizes small: ideally no more than 6 but 8 at a maximum as per BC guidelines.

As ever, your safety and that of your fellow riders is your own responsibility.  As this is a self-led ride, you need to make sure that you are equipped physically, technically and mentally to complete the ride even if, by some quirk of fate, you end up on your own.  For this first Milan-San Remo ride, you will need to take particular care on Bury Hill as it is a very busy section of road on which the cars and lorries travel quickly.

Notice of Annual General Meeting

AGM notice

Brighton Mitre CC will be holding its annual general meeting on Wednesday 26th February at 1930 at The Nightingale Room, Upstairs in the Grand Central Pub, Brighton. 

Please do come along and have a say in how your club is run, or just join us for a few beers and catch up with friends. We will keep the business side of the proceedings short and sweet, promise…


  1. Chairs welcome address & Review of 2019
  2. Highlights of the year from each of the committee officers
  3. Introduction to safeguarding in the club
  4. Exceptional items for membership vote (Adoption of the club constitution) Please read the club constitution before coming along. you can find it here
  5. Election of the Committee
  6. AOB 

Committee roles up for re-election:

  • Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Club Ride Road Captain
  • Road Race Officer
  • TT and Hill Climb Officer
  • Communications & Media Officer
  • Women’s Development Officer
  • Track Race Officer
  • CycloCross Development Officer
  • Membership Secretary
  • Social Secretary
  • Club Kit Officer
  • Volunteer Coordinator

We are looking for an additional Social Secretary to aid with the organising of an ever increasing number of social activities and also a volunteer coordinator to help the event organisers throughout the year. 

Events are very time consuming to organise but volunteering is a relatively small time commitment to help in the running of club events.  This year we will also be honouring those volunteers who do give up their time with something of a treat… We look forward to seeing you all there


Dear Mitre members, 

As an affiliated member of British Cycling, BMCC are required to appoint a Club Welfare Office (CWO), to support members in ensuring that all children, young people and adults at risk have a fun, safe and positive experience as members of our club. All adults should contribute to the club meeting its overall duty of care and be aware of our club’s safeguarding procedures.

We ask that members familiarise themselves with the attached BMCC Safeguarding Policy, the key issues of which include:

·      Permissions for photography, videoing and the sharing of images of junior members on mobile phones or social media

·      Contacting young people without parental consent

·      Shared changing rooms

·      Offers of lifts/travel to events

·      Anti-bullying

Additional policy covering the use of virtual reality training applications.

If you are concerned about the behaviour of an adult towards a young or vulnerable person at the club, or something that has happened to them outside the club, please contact the CWO. It is not your responsibility to investigate such concerns further, but you should act on your concerns by passing the information (GDPR: please do not use full names for initial contact) to the BMCC Club Welfare Officer, who will follow the club’s safeguarding procedures.

Club Welfare Office name:     Suzanne Romney

Email Address:                 

The BMCC Safeguarding Policy has been ratified by the BMCC Committee and will be adopted into the club’s constitution at the AGM on 26/2/2020.

Time Trial Dates for 2020

Happy new year! Hopefully your winter training is going well and you will be able set new pb’s in this years time trials! Below are the dates that you need to know for all time trial events run by Brighton Mitre.

Please note – REAR LIGHTS are now compulsory for any CTT club or open event, no light = no start!

Club Events

Photo by Alison Lewis.

Sunday 8 March                0930       Hard-riders’ “22.74”        Poynings (GS/981)

Tuesday 21 April               1900       Hill-climb               Mill Hill (GH/94)

Tuesday 28 April               1900       Hill-climb               Mill Hill  (GH/94)

Tuesday 2 June                 1930       “15”                          Steyning (G15/93)

Tuesday 9 June                 1900       Champs. “10”,inter-club Steyning (G10/97)

Tuesday 23 June               1945       Champs. “25”          W.Grinstead (G25/96)

Tuesday 30 June               1930       Champs. “15”           Steyning (G15/93)

Tuesday 4 August             1900       “10”                           Wineham (G10/99)

Tuesday 11 August          1900       “10”                            Wineham (G10/99)

Tuesday 18 August          1900       “10”                             Wineham (G10/99)

Tuesday 25 August          1900       Hill-climb                   Mill Hill (GH/94)

Tuesday 1 September    1900       Hill-climb                    Mill Hill (GH/94)

All entries on the line, £6, but hill-climbs £5. 

All evening events , except inter-club “10”, count towards the evening series cup; 5,4,3,2,1 point(s) for first 5 in each event.  To win the trophy for 2020, amass the most points.

Open Events

Photo from Janet Clapton. National Hill Climb Championships 2019.

*Please note that entries for open events close 14 days before the event. All open events can be entered via the cycling time trials website*

Easter Saturday 11 April 1000      Hilly “10”                        Kirdford (G10/44)

Easter Monday 13 April   0730    Hilly “25”                         Devils Dyke (GS/999)

Monday 25 May                0600    “10”s + Hilly “10” Steyning (G10/97 & GS/995)

Sunday 18 October            0800    “25”                                 Steyning (G25/93)

Open hill climb time trials to be announced.

For full details on the courses used, please visit –