Group Rides May ’21

Saturday Group Rides

  • Take place every Saturday
  • Rides are offered at 22, 24, 27 and 30kmh usually with a long and a short option
  • Sign up via Love Admin between Monday and Friday lunchtime the week before
  • No limit on numbers as these rides are self-led
  • Groups are contacted via email on Friday and then need to set their own meet place/time

Sunday Group Rides

  • Take place 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month
  • Rides offered to non-members are CATi and Steady Social
    • Limited to groups of six as these are led rides
  • Members only ride following the CATi course at 22kmh guide pace
    • No limit on numbers as this ride is self-led
  • Sign up via Love Admin up until the Friday before
  • Groups contacted via email on Friday with details of meet place/time

Thursday Pub Ride

Slightly more complicated…

In normal times, anyone wanting to ride on a Thursday evening would meet at Hill Top Café at 6.30.  Everyone would ride on the road and there would be one or two groups depending on speed and numbers.  A pub would be agreed where those wishing to do so, could convene at the end of the ride for a drink.  Simple.

More complicated now as most pubs require a booking which is limited to a group of six so it’s no longer possible to make a casual arrangement to meet in an undefined group size at a particular pub.  For this reason, many people are, understandably, making their own arrangements to meet in a group of six and ride before going to a pre-booked pub.  It’s also now common for people to go off road instead of on road.

The best I can suggest is that anyone wanting to ride on a Thursday, who isn’t already in a group of six, posts on Facebook of their intention to ride, where they want to meet and whether they are riding on or off road.  Hopefully there will then always be a reasonable number of people with whom members can ride but obviously I can’t guarantee that this will be the case.  As far as pub bookings go for this format…answers on a postcard maybe as I don’t have the answer.  I imagine that it will become easier to turn up on spec at a pub from May 17th, when indoor spaces are once again in use, so bookings will no longer be required.

Hope that helps.

Coxon Takes Hard Riders Title.

Although the Easter weather of cloud and just 8 degrees was still present, the reduction of a strong NE wind was welcome, as were dry roads.

Cris Coxon led by 56 seconds after the first lap from Joe Walker and widened the margin by even more on the second lap to win the Hardriders trophy for 2021, and even more remarkable on a road bike.  It is the first time that this event has seen 4 club riders inside the hour on this course, which has been in use each year since 1972.

First       Cris Coxon55           34

2              Joe Walker58           02

3              Paul Thatcher59           00

4              Jack Smith59           56

5              Scott Bartha,1              07           20

6             Robin Johnson, 1              21           00

Blowing everybody out of the water was Steve Kane (Team TMC), who produced a scintillating performance finishing in 51 46, which sets a new course record by at least 2 minutes. Steve was backing up his two 5th places in each of the two Easter hilly events at Easter.

Next Tuesday (20/04) sees the first evening TT of the season with a hill climb at Mill Hill, Shoreham. First rider is off at 7, £5 entry. Please note a compulsory rear light is required to race!

Return to Group Rides from 3rd April

We will be able to return to group riding from the 29th March. We are still limited to maximum groups of 6 riders and must not meet or congregate in groups larger than that prior, during or after a ride. Sunday CaTi and Steady Social rides for the 4th April are live on LoveAdmin for booking now. Please don’t sign up if you are not going to come and if you cant make it please let us know so your spot can be released to the waiting list as they will no doubt be massively over subscribed.

Saturday rides will be posted soon.

New Date For Hardriders TT

Unfortunately our hardriders time trial fell a day the wrong side of restrictions lifting but we are pleased to say we have rescheduled for the 10th April with the first rider off at 09:30. This time trial is run on the GS/981 course which starts in Poynings and is a fun way to test your early season form!

Please note our easter saturday open time trial now has a start time of 10:00am. There is still time to enter this event and our easter monday “25” by following the links below:

Whilst we are fortunate enough to be able to run these events (as it stands!), we will have to take the relevant precautions to keep everybody safe. The instructions listed below will be in place at all club time trials until further notice.

  1. Do not attend if you/your family members feel ill.
  2. Park with social distancing in mind.
  3. Bring your own pen to sign on and your own safety pins to pin your number on.
  4. Take with you when you race a compulsory working rear light, a spare tyre/tube/tub and a mobile phone.
  5. Please note you have to make your own way back in event of trouble – no collections offered.
  6. No more than 5 riders, 2m apart, to wait at the start.
  7. No items to be left at the start or with the timekeeper or in the time trials secretary’s van (which will be unavailable to riders while the pandemic is in progress).
  8. No push-off.
  9. After racing, please leave your number in the bowl of disinfectant when signing-out.
  10. No social, no drinks, no food and do not expect times to be available near the finish; times will be listed on the club’s facebook group and website asap.
  11. Please leave the car parking area in a timely fashion.

2021 Time Trial Events

Listed below are the time trials being run by Brighton Mitre in 2021. Lets hope they all go ahead!

CLUB Events

Sunday 28 March      GS/981   22.34 miles       £6        0930     Poynings          

                                                    2 x11.17 laps    

Tuesday 20 April           GH/94              2.66       £5        1900     Shoreham

Tuesday 27 April           GH/94              2.66       £5        1900     Shoreham

Tuesday  8  June            G10/97             10          £6        1900     Steyning

  Interclub event                                                                   Incl. Champs.

Tuesday 22 June           G25/96            25       £6        1945     W.Grinstead

                                                            Incl. Champs.

Tuesday  6  July             G15/93             15       £6        1930     Steyning

                                                            Incl. Champs.

Tuesday  3  August        G10/99             10          £6        1900     Wineham

Tuesday 10 August        G10/99             10          £6        1900     do.

Tuesday 17 August        G10/99             10          £6        1900     do.

Tuesday 24 August        GH/94              2.66       £5        1900     Shorehsm

Tuesday 31 August        GH/94              2.66       £5        1900     do.                  

Open events:   

Saturday 3 April            G10/44             Hilly 10       £14      1500     Kirdford

Monday 5 April             GS/999             Hilly 25      £14      0730     Devil’s Dyke

Monday 31 May            G10/97             10               £14      0630     Steyning

Monday 31 May                   GS/995             Hilly 10  £14      0800     Steyning

Sunday 24 October       G25/49             25            £14      1000     Loxwood