Mallorca 2022 info

Pre trip

  • Find your passport
  • Fill out APIS
  • Check your travel insurance
  • Print / load boarding passes
  • Look for EHIC discover its expired anyway
  • Spend 30 minutes deciding if gas canisters can go in luggage – put them in bike box
  • 48 hours before do this
  • Spend hours wondering how your bike ever fitted in the bike box
  • What to pack? It won’t be that warm and it won’t be that cold – weather forecast –> you decide
What documents do I need in order to travel?

You will need to have a covid vaccination certificate (at least 2 doses; ideally a booster as well). This is most easily done on by installing the NHS App (not the NHS covid app) on your mobile phone and uploading Covid passes (travel) from the App onto your phone – these certificates have a QR code and are quick and easy for airport staff to scan on the way out. I have just returned from several weeks in Portugal and mainland Spain – I only needed to show this once, before boarding at Gatwick. There were people held up who did not have the documentation. You might possibly be asked to present evidence of vaccination before entry to venues, but this is unlikely.

If you are not fully vaccinated (i.e. at least 2 vaccine doses) you will need a very recent negative covid test result or a certificate of recovery. Details of this are on the EasyJet website.

You also need to complete an electronic Spanish Sanitary Control Form – details at . You can download an app to do this (search for SpTH on the app store). This generates another QR code that you either need to have on your phone or printed out, and this will be scanned as you enter Spain. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU AT THE AIRPORT TO DO THIS – DO IT THE DAY BEFORE! Having said that, you have to complete it no more than 48 hours before travel.


You will need to wear a mask at the airports, on the plane, on buses, in hotels and restaurants (OK to take off once you are seated), or in crowded areas. You are likely to be challenged if you do not have a mask.

What if I get symptoms while abroad?

You need to call the regional hotline on + 34 971 211 991. You are likely to need to test (it would be worth having a LFT with you, as any testing in Majorca will be done privately at your expense). If positive, you will need to self-isolate and take advice. You will not be able to travel until released from quarantine.


Split into groups of roughly similar speeds / mates or leaving time

This is a social trip so social riding, starting together, riding together and finishing together – unless you agree that you want to race each other or you want to be left to suffer on your own – but let someone know if you do

Appreciate that 8:30 wheels rolling means exactly that

So if your group is leaving at 8:30 dont be suprised that when you pitch up, not quite ready at 8:35 they have gone.

There is underground secure bike storage where you can keep your bike, there is likely only one key to the garage we will be allocated, so please dont walk off with the key.

Wednesday 30thDeparture day

  • EJU8621 LGW PMI Departs 9:10am
  • Arrives at 12:40 local time.
  • Get on transfer bus – bikes go in trailer off to hotel
  • Arrive
  • Address Duva Aparthotel Cap Roig 5, 07470,Puerto de Pollensa
  • Check in room share with you chosen roomie or take your chances on the day
  • unpack – build your bike – frantic trip to LBS / hotel mechanic for the stuff you forgot /lost / broken
  • Quick shakedown spin
  • Find bar

Day 1 –Thursday 31st March Mitre Kit Day

Flattish out then hairpins up the Randa monastery

Hotel -Monastery (Santuari de Cura) – Hotel 125 Km/1235 mts.

Mitre Kit Day 1

8.45 Group photos at the hotel in Blue BMCC kit please

Feels like proper alpine climbing on the way up passing the tourist coaches that get stuck on the tight hairpins. Views from the top of the mountain range we cycle over and the restaurant is good for the fuel to get back. Its a fast decent.

Day 2 –Friday 1st April The most amazing descent Sa Colabra

and a climb for those that like that sort of thing

Top tip is GO EARLY or EARLIER. This is because later the road fills with tourist coaches which hold you up on the way down, very irritating. It feels like the road was designed with cyclists in mind, except the buses of course.

Hotel-Sa-Calobra – Caimari-Hotel (102 kms and 2048 mts)

Day 3 – Saturday 2nd April Velodrome and cafes or rest

Optional: Hotel – Velodrome – Hotel (76 Kms and 602 mts)

Maybe a chance to do some laps of the banked velodrome, have a coffee and have some fun. Maybe you dont make it that far because there are many good coffee shops and restaurants on the way. Perhaps an excursion into old Pollensa on the way or Alcudia on the way back.

Day 4 – Sunday 3rd April – the big one in Mitre Kit please

Mitre Kit Day 2 – Any colour you like – photos when we get off the bus at Andratx

Andratx to Pollenca ( Mitre Kit Ride)

115km with 2,425m of climbing. The most direct and the most popular route back to the North on the best cycle route in Mallorca.

This route follows the famous ma-10 road which goes right through the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range.

Starting with the beautiful south west coastal section and continuing through Sóller and up Puig Major, the longest and highest climb on the island. (14 km @ 6.2% average gradient, 828m of elevation). Then down through the two tunnels past the aqueduct, past Lluc and descend all the way into old town Pollença.

This is the one where the bus picks us up early 8am and takes us to Andratx. we cycle back for well deserved beers – some of you will be faster than others – fast ones have to do Sa Colabra. The big climb mountain is called Puig Major. I will likely be at the back making you all look good such is my generousity of spirit.

Its an all day trip so cafe stops and a lunch stop are a big part – there are some suggestions below but there are plenty to choose from. See below for some info and ideas.

Andraxt – Soller – Puig Major – Hotel (115 kms and 2465 mts)

Coach arrives at 8am for loading of bikes – 8.30 depart – dont be late

The jounrey takes about 1 hour 15mins and doesn’t stop and no toilets on the bus. SO be warned.  Once in Andratx, We are dropped just off the main ma-10 road back to Pollensa, close to a supermarket and within a couple of hundred metres of six cafés where you can get a coffee or another breakfast and a loo stop before setting off on your brilliant day back from Andratx.

Lots of cafes ( and loos) in Andratx – 2 min cycle from bus drop

IMPORTANT Cafes on Route

 Es Grau 13km a spectacular balcony which overhangs the cliff face with amazing views of the coast. Well worth a stop for coffee if you have the time.

Estellencs 17km Cafeteria Estellencs Very basic, but a good place for coffee. On the ma-10 as you enter the village.

Banyalbufar 24km Son Tomás Good range, service and quality. Excellent views. On the ma-10 as you enter the village.

Banyalbufar 24km Bellavista Good range, service and quality. Excellent views as the restaurant hangs over a cliff, only downside is you have to leave one of your party outside to look after the bikes! On the ma-10 halfway through the village.

Valldemossa 39km Here there are a number of good cafés and restaurants, all close enough to the road, and all catering mainly but not exclusively to the tourist rather than the cyclist market. Panaderia Pasteleria Ca’n Molinas is famous for the Cocas De Patatas rolls for dipping in hot chocolate.

Deiá 48km Number of good cafés and restaurants, all close to the road. Tough to choose as they are all good. Stop at the supermarket for a cake from the Reynés bakery which is owned and run by two ex-professional cyclists Marc and Vincent Reynés. They also have a bike shop across the road in Deiá, and a cafe in Port de Soller.

Sóller 58km Sa Frontera Good range, service and quality. Menu of the day.Stop before you cross to the ma-11 from the ma-10. Remember you have the longest climb on the island immediately ahead of you.​

Port Sóller 58km plus a flat bit

Adds an extra couple of kilometres to your route but here the choice is very wide. If you go through the one way system to the beachfront, there’s a restaurant to cater to every palate and budget. Remember you have Puig Major 2km ahead of you. Reynés Cycling Cafe for cake and coffee.

Top of Sa Calobra 80km mostly down hill from there OJ shack under the aqueduct. Basic offering of food, but good energy bars to eat on the bike. Excellent fresh squeezed OJ. Full of cyclists – place for the fast ones to go down to Sa Colabra while the slower ones continue up puig major

Day 5 – Monday 4th Aprilout to the lighthouse – fabulous has to be done

Hotel – Cape Formentor – Hotel

(Direct route) (42 kms and 981 mts)

(longer) (47 kms and 1200 mts)

Day 6 –Tuesday 5th AprilSoller a classic ride and tough ride and then a night out!

To be fair this might be tougher than Andratx

Hotel-Soller-Bunyola-Hotel (132 kms and 2500 mts) bigger than the Andratx M10 ride

Alot of climbing again but this time you get to go down Puig Major which is great for the confident descenders – there are a few tightening turns so beware. Soller has its own vintage train but it doesnt go back to Pollensa

Tuesday evening

A night out to a restaurant in Puerto Pollensa with a few drinks – who will win Mitres biggest faffer?

Day 7 – Wednesday 6th Aprilyou decide

Just enough time for a trip to Pollensa or a lie in

There will be time for a short ride. Coffee at Alcudia, Lunch at Pollensa? We’ll see.

We will have a room available for showers during the day

Bus from hotel to airport will probably leave at about 5 ish – time to be advised

EZY8634 Departs at 21.25pm and gets home very late at night


I will update this section as the questions come in

Meals at hotel – breakfast from quite early, good selection of healthy and not so healthy stuff. Evening meal from 7pm from memory, so queue at 7pm or wander in later – no seating plans we will have big tables that we normally use so just pitch up and join in.

Laundry There is a machine with a queue – take your bibs in the bath with you – or bring handwash etc. Stuff normally dries in time.

Bus to Andratx – has no loos , takes 80 minutes ish and leaves us outside the back of a supermarket, but there are cafes nearby and a loo in the supermarket with a long queue of mitres – A cafe or hold on may be a better option.

Strava club

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