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Something for everyone at Mitre this week

Thursday PUB ride,

Friday GROUP riding fun at TRACK,

Friday FANTASY TDF sign up to catch deadline,

Saturday social ride to BOX HILL,

Sunday CATI or steady social

then relax and watch the TDF on TV at Porteur

Hope to see you there

Hove Park Crits

The last one is this Friday 26th May

If you can get down to the north end of Hove Park to help it is appreciated. Its also an opportunity to watch some great racing and good fun

The fun fair is there this Friday to add a truly unique atmosphere.



Hilly time trial and hill climb results

The full results for Brighton Mitre’s Easter hilly time trials and hill climbs follow. Our thanks, as ever, to Robin Johnson for organising these events – and to all the time-keepers, marshals, pushers-off and others, without whose help they would not be possible. 

10-mile Hilly Time Trial

22nd Hilly 10-mile time trial – The Alan Packett Memorial Event on course G10/44, on Easter Saturday, 15 April 2017.


  1. Pete Tadros (In-Gear Quickvit TSRT) 22:13
  2. Stuart Bettis (South Downs Bikes) 22:30
  3. Sam Christy (London Dynamo) 23:23
  4. Steve Kane (Brighton Excelsior CC) 23:31

1st woman Angela Carpenter (A3crg) 26:24

2nd woman Kat Avramides (Brighton Mitre CC) 28:16

1st Juvenile: Theo Tadros (In-Gear Quickvit TSRT) 25:42

1st Team: Brighton Mitre CC (Jack Smith, Kat Avramides, Peter Davies) 1:24:21

1st Vet (40-44): Neil Crowther (Worthing Excelsior CC) 24:45

1st Vet (45-49): Pete Tadros (In-Gear Quickvit TSRT) 22:13

1st Vet (50-54): Tim Holmes (V.T.T.A. (Sy/Sx.)) 27:17

1st Vet (55-59): David Shepherd (GS Stella) 23:48

1st Vet (60-64): Mike Boyce (A3crg) 27:59

1st Vet (65-69): Robert Gilmour (Hounslow & Dist.Whls.) 27:18

1st Vet (70-74): None

1st Vet (75-79): Alan Robinson (Central Sussex CC) 33:34

1st Road Bike: Sam Christy (London Dynamo) 23:23

2nd Road Bike: Daniel Pink (GS Avanti) 26:09


25-mile Hilly Time Trial

26th Hilly 25-mile time trial – The Bill Sladen Memorial Event on course G10/44, Easter Monday, 17 April 2017.


  1. Pete Tadros (In-Gear Quickvit TSRT) 00:59:35
  2. Stuart Bettis (South Downs Bikes) 00:59:59
  3. George Welfare (Eastbourne Rovers) 01:02:08
  4. Steven Kane (Brighton Excelsior CC) 01:02;54
  5. Stuart Hodd (PB Cycle Coaching RT) 01:03:13

1st woman Kat Avramides (Brighton Mitre CC) 01:14:57

1st Juvenile Theo Tadros (In-Gear Quickvit TSRT) 01:11:15

1st Team: Brighton Mitre CC (Jack Smith, Don Parker, Kat Avramides) 3:40:20

2nd Team: Brighton Mitre CC (Jamie Smith, Peter Davies, Robin Johnson) 4:00:48

1st Vet (40-44): Ian Newbold (Worthing Excelsior CC) 01:10:59

1st Vet (45-49): Pete Tadros (In-Gear Quickvit TSRT) 00:59:35

1st Vet (50-54): Keith Walker (Wigmore CC) 01:05:49

1st Vet (55-59): Mike Marchant (Southdown Velo) 01:15:23

1st Vet (60-64): Peter Davies (Brighton Mitre CC) 01:19:15

1st Vet (65-69): Don Parker (Brighton Mitre CC) 01:14:15

1st Road Bike: Jamie Smith (Brighton Mitre CC) 01:15:57

2nd Road Bike: Peter Davies (Brighton Mitre CC) 01:19:15

Hill Climb 25 April 2017

Course GH/94 – Mill Hill, Shoreham

  1. Mike Coyle (08:53)
  2. Adam Churchill (09:38)
  3. Giles Ruffer (09:43)
  4. John Tindell (10:35)
  5. Simon Dowling (10:45)
  6. Joel Draper (11:20)
  7. Joha Aaltonen (11:50)
  8. Robin Johnson (15:15)

Hill Climb 18 April 2017

Course GH/94 – Mill Hill, Shoreham

  1. Jed Williamson (09:12)
  2. Alex McLaren (09:25)
  3. Simon Dowling (09:36)
  4. Jack Smith (10:02)
  5. John Ferguson (10:33)
  6. Joel Draper (11:30)
  7. Robin Johnson (14:46)



An Easter of hills

The perfect preparation for next week’s BMCC hill climb events could be The Alan Packett Memorial hilly 10-mile time trial on Easter Saturday (15 April) and the Bill Sladen Memorial hilly 25-mile time trial on Easter Monday (17 April).

The 10-mile TT starts at Kirdford village hall from 3pm and follows the G10/44 course.  The 25 mile event is on course GS/999 and starts from Brighton & Hove Golf Club on Devil’s Dyke  Road from 7.30am.

Full details of both events, including prize details, course maps and previous winners and records, are in the attached document. 20160326 BM Hilly 10 and Hilly 25 Startsheets REVAMP 02

Details are also available on the Cycling Time Trials website.

Dieppe 24 Sat 13th / Sun 14th May

Join us for a quick day trip to France   Really we live so close we should do it more often.

Using the local Newhaven ferry we go overnight to Dieppe ready for an early start – plenty of time for ride round northern France, enjoy breakfast, coffee stops and maybe a cheeky beer and back to Brighton before anyone notices you’ve gone

Full Details of Dieppe 24

Midweek Socials

Alex McLaren will be leading midweek social rides (27 km/h or pace of the slowest rider)

Leaving from the top of Dyke Road by Devil’s Dyke roundabout at 19:00

These rides will be approx 50km/2hrs, ending in a pub, bring money and lights for the wobble home

No routes will be published in advance but will likely return via Shoreham or over the Beacon.

Google Map


BMCC Hardriders TT results

There was a low turnout for the first club time trial of the year – the 22.34-mile Hardriders (course GS/981) on 12 March. Perhaps riders were put off by the poor weather forecast. But some good times were recorded nevertheless.

Full results:

  1. Steve Kane – 58:16
  2. Jack Smith – 1:03:16
  3. Morgan Lewis – 1:03:19
  4. Juha Aaltonen – 1:08:09
  5. Jamie Smith – 1:09:38
  6. Robin Johnson – 1:14:24

Ride London 100 Team Event 2017

So congratulations to those lucky enough to be picked out of the helmet – and commiserations to those unlucky – if they had given us one more team nearly everyone would have been in so it was a close run thing

We were allocated just two teams

thanks Tony


British Cycling has allocated a limited number of places to affiliated clubs in the club challenge. Clubs with more BC members get priority – so sign up 🙂

It is likely to be oversubscribed and this time the club will in a ballot to win places for teams.

If we are lucky enough to win places then the club will in turn have a ballot of interested members for places.

Members who have supported the club / of have committed to supporting the club through marshalling etc. will have priority.


Each rider within the team must pay their own entry fee (£69) and complete their own online entry form.

A team comprises four riders
Every rider in a team must be a current British Cycling member
Teams can comprise four men or four women or a mixed team of two men and two women
Riders who hold an Elite or Category 1 British Cycling Race Licence are not eligible to enter the Club Challenge
Riders who have already secured an individual place through the original entry ballot or a charity place are not eligible to enter the Club Challenge

The Puncheur this Sunday 5th March

A significant numbers of Mitre riders are helping and or riding the event.

There will be a steady social paced group leaving the Ditchling HQ at 8-8.15am.

Some are talking of sub 4 hours gold standard ( tough in wind, rain and 1700m of climbing) and some are talking about the infinity foods brownies.  This may lead to two groups 🙂

See you there