Group Riding Principles

These general principles for Brighton Mitre group rides go along with the group riding guidelines previously published and are intended to ensure that group rides are safe and enjoyable for all those who participate.  They are specifically for all the non-led rides which take place every Saturday and now most Sundays too.  On these rides there are no designated ride leaders which means that we are all leaders and all have a responsibility for the safety of the group.  It follows that we are all therefore responsible for highlighting instances of poor riding so…


We Ride as a Group

  • British Cycling recommends that group rides are kept to a maximum of eight riders. This is an easily manageable number and makes communication within groups easy.
  • On the road there may be times when groups come together – generally when there are a lot of traffic lights such as either direction along the sea front. In this case, it is generally better for the back group to slow down and allow the front group to distance itself.  If it’s clear that the back group is faster then the groups need to agree that they will swap places.
  • Whilst it’s fine to ride off the front up the odd hill, the default is that we ride together as a close compact group. That means that some people will inevitably be riding more slowly than they might have done but as someone commented recently, “It’s a club ride, not a training ride”.

We Ride with Consideration for all Road Users

  • We ride in a manner to make it as easy as possible for traffic to pass and with due care for pedestrians and horses.
  • When we’re riding two abreast, we ride close to the kerb and close to each other. If we need to ride single-file to allow cars to pass then we do so and this means that EVERYONE needs to do so.  If even one rider fails to comply then it negates the purpose of the group riding singly.
  • If we approach stationary traffic such as at traffic lights then we wait as a group. It’s simply not possible for a group of eight riders all to filter safely to the front of a line of cars even if you might do this as an individual rider.

We Communicate as a Group

  • If you’re at the front then you’re calling out approaching hazards and obstacles. If you’re at the back then you’re calling out traffic behind and judging whether it’s necessary to single out.  Listen for calls and act upon them.

Mike Coyle Wins Mill Hill Evening Hill Climb

Mike Coyle (Brighton Mitre) took the win finishing in 8.04 on a beautiful evening at Mill Hill.

A light southerly breeze and warm evening sunshine welcomed a record 25 riders to take on the 2.6 mile ascent of Mill Hill near Shoreham.

Coyle proved too strong for the field, leading team mate Ben Huttly home by 15 seconds. James Bullen (URDT) came in third with a time of 8.21.

The 25 strong field also included 3 women with Janet Clapton proving the fastest in a time of 11.05.

Full results below:

1 Mike Coyle 8.04
2 Ben Huttly 8.19
3 James Bullen 8.23
4 Josh Monk 8.33
5 Francis Schofield 8.38
6 John Tindell 8.40
7 Dan Street 8.52
8 Jack Smith 8.58
9 Jez Parsons 9.02
10 Ed Jarman 9.07
11 James Stone 9.12
12 Kev Witton 9.16
13 Jonathan Morcombe 9.47
14 Al Bird 9.48
15 Ferdie Parsons 9.51
16 Edward Tuckley 10.00
17 Mark Pratt 10.21
18 Neil Pizey 10.22
19 Steven Aumont 10.30
20 Janet Clapton 11.05
21 Luke McKeown 11.17
22 Brian Jones 11.36
23 Robin Johnson 12.38
24 Maria Pali 12.51
25 Alison Lewis 12.57

We return to Mill Hill this Tuesday (03/09) for the final evening time trial of the year, with the first rider off at 7pm.


New Course Record Set at Final Wineham Time Trial

Matthew Smith (Team ASL) set a new course record of 21:33  at the final evening 10 of the season at Wineham, beating Simon McNamarra into second and Mike Coyle (Brighton Mitre) coming in third.  A record 35 riders all started and finished on a warm and sunny evening with only a slight breeze.

Full results below:

1 21.33 Matthew Smith Team ASL
2 21.54 Simon McNamara South Downs Bikes
3 22.52 Mike Coyle Brighton Mitre
4 22.58 Rupert Robinson Crawley Wheelers
5 23.02 Kevin Plummer South Downs Bikes
6 23.22 Jez Parsons Brighton Excelsior
7 23.50 Loz Coyle Brighton Mitre
8 23.50 John Tindell Brighton Mitre
9 23.54 Ross McCracken URDT
10 24.07 Graham Winstanley SRVC
11 24.10 Pete Marshall Sussex Nomads
12 24.13 Ben Huttly Brighton Mitre
13 24.21 James Stone Brighton Excelsior
14 24.41 Kev Witton URDT
15 25.07 Martin Gibbs Team ASL
16 25.12 Jack Smith Brighton Mitre
17 25.18 Matt Reid SRVC
18 25.20 Ian Baines TMG Horizon
19 25.41 Eoghan McHughy Sussex Nomads
20 25.43 Mark Pratt Brighton Mitre
21 25.55 Michael Thyer Sussex Nomads
22 25.57 Simon McLeod Brighton Mitre
23 25.58 Tomas Navikas Brighton Mitre
24 26.02 Doug Moxon SRVC
25 26.19 Adrian Bennett Sussex Nomads
26 26.31 Ali Bird URDT
27 26.38 Phil Tarry URDT
28 26.40 Matt Fisher Sussex Nomads
29 26.56 Gary Longmate SRVC
30 27.22 Mark Sykes Sussex Nomads
31 28.24 Ferdie Parsons Brighton Excelsior
32 29.13 Nathan Waite Brighton Excelsior
33 29.38 Robin Johnson Brighton Mitre
34 30.09 Philippa Winstanley SRVC


06/08/19 Wineham 10 mile time trial

A breezy but sunny evening for the first of three evening 10’s run on the Wineham course. Of course it wouldn’t be a proper time trial at Wineham without a set of temporary traffic lights but I do not think these had much of an impact on the end results. Kevin Plummer (South Downs Bikes) led home the field of 17 in a time of 22:50, 10 seconds ahead of Andrew Larking  (SRVC).  James Bullen (URDT) came in thrid clocking 23:20 whilst Mark Pratt was the first Mitre home in a time of 25:51.

Next week is a road bike only event (if you want your time to count towards the official result) on the same course (G10/99). £6 entry with the first rider of a 7pm.

Full results below:

  1. Kevin Plummer (South Downs Bikes) – 22:50
  2. Andrew Larking (SRVC) – 23:00
  3. James Bullen (URDT) – 23:20
  4. Chris Barker (SRVC) – 23:24
  5. Connor Clancy (SRVC) – 24:09
  6. Kev Witton (URDT) – 24:23
  7. Pete Marshall (Sussex Nomads) – 24:25
  8. Graham Winstanley (SRVC) – 24:44
  9. Adrian Bennett (Sussex Nomads) – 25:20
  10. Matt Reid (SRVC) – 25:40
  11. Michael Thyer (Sussex Nomads) – 25:46
  12. Douglas Moxon (SRVC) – 25:48
  13. Mark Pratt (Brighton Mitre) – 25:51
  14. Phil Tarry (Brighton Mitre) – 26:41
  15. Gary Longmate (SRVC) – 27:15
  16. Robin Johnson (Brighton Mitre) – 29:52
  17. Phillipa Winstanley (SRVC) – 31:47

125 Anniversary Ride

Unfortunately, logistical difficulties have forced us to revise plans for the forthcoming 125 anniversary ride taking place on Sunday 11th August. New arrangements are below:


The official meet time for the imperial 125 is 7.00 at St. Ann’s Well Café with a view to getting everyone on the road as soon thereafter as possible.  I don’t know how many people are planning to be there for that time as I’m aware that some groups have made their own arrangements.  Either way, I will be there at that time to kiss everyone goodbye…which will no doubt motivate a few more to meet elsewhere!  As I said previously, it is a very hard route but well within the capability of many Mitre members.

As has been mentioned, 7.00 is unnecessarily early to be setting off on a 125K loop so I believe the metric consensus is to meet at the café 8.00-8.30 and roll out from there; that’s the window during which I shall be departing.  I’m going to see how I feel when I get back to Partridge Green and might extend via Ardingly rather than heading straight back over the Dyke to make an imperial century.  Some people are also planning to do a shorter 90K version.

Please note that the rides are, like all our Saturday rides, unled so you are all responsible for yourselves, your kit and equipment.  I have, however, done a full route risk assessment for the 125 mile route as it takes in lots of roads that we never normally ride on.  I will put it on the website and I would urge folk to have a look at the final section which details the particularly sketchy sections, of which there are quite a few.  Lots of us have ridden the 125K before but I would again draw your attention to the really narrow, steep descent after about 52km with the nasty left hand chicane after about 200yds and the large, concealed pot hole on the apex, and the tight right then left hand blind bend combo further down.

We have space in the Good Companions pub from 6.00 which should give you a chance to go home and shower first.  I hope everyone will be there, whether they have ridden as part of today’s groups, ridden on their own or not ridden at all.  All are most welcome and we have a special 125 anniversary cake to be ceremonially cut and shared – it might be nice if we could get the oldest and youngest Mitre members to make the cut – obviously using a Park Tools pizza cutter.

Links to the routes are below and I have shortened the names so that they can be downloaded onto delinquent Garmins.  I hope you all have a great day of riding.

125 Mile

125 Kilometre

125 Mile Anniversary Ride Risk

Everyone who has already paid will have their money refunded.
Overall, the idea is that everyone has a good day and we get as many Mitres as possible in the pub for the evening.
If you don’t want to do one of the above routes then by all means ride your own and meet in the pub anyway.
If you can’t ride at all that day but still want to meet in the pub then by all means do so.
Fingers crossed for some favourable weather and a really good day’s riding as there’s a fair chance that some of us won’t still be riding 125 milers come the 150thanniversary!
See you all on the 11th.