Revised 2020 Time Trials

Unfortunately, like almost everything else, our time trial calendar has been massively disrupted but time trials have now been given the green light to return!

You can see the list of events below. All are open events, so entry is needed 2 weeks prior to each event, as per Cycling time trials website.

August 29 Club championship “10” (with Sussex C.A. “10”) G10/45 Loxwood 1000

August 31 Club championship “25” (with Sussex C.A. “25”) G25/49 Loxwood 1000

September 19 Club championship “15” (with Sussex C.A. “15”) G15/92 Washington 0700

October 10 Club championship hill-climb (with open hill-climb) GH/92 Steyning 1100

October 10 Afternoon hill-climb GH/94 Shoreham 1430

October 18 Open “25” including G.Jackson “25” G25/93 Steyning 0800

Working rear lights are compulsory.

Unfortunately the August club “10”s and hill-climbs have been cancelled as a result of being unable to control social distancing at these popular events.